In this week’s book news, a horse library and a bookstore / bar we must visit immediately….

“This is a satanic book, and should be banned.” We love Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweet series, but this video featuring authors reading their not-so-great reviews is even more priceless to us book lovers.

We couldn’t put down The Girl on the Train, the “it” thriller of summer. Now it’s coming to movie screens near you. Here are the first pictures of star Emily Blunt on set.

In book news so awesome you could never make it up, Carrie Brownstein married a couple during her book tour….accompanied by Amy Poehler on piano.

We want to go to there. This bookstore / wine bar has everything we need…as long as they serve chocolate!

Now this is inspiring! These professionals left their cushy jobs to start a book mobile.

And in other magical book news, this man brings books to children via a “horse library”.

Until next week, happy reading!